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tv   [untitled]    March 3, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime in britain. i think. we have a glove that says they're going to keep things safe get ready because of their freedom. they charge in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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new website which twenty four seven live streaming news tell us what to do about the ongoing financial heart unlimited high poll of the videos for download. and stories never mainstream news. media so. the political. posts aren't so much to say. hey guys welcome michel ancel on the obama show we've heard our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear audio just go on to you tube video response our twitter profile of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is we play.
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all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and it's a story that's getting a lot of attention today northwestern university professor concluded a discussion of bondage and other sexual fetishes in his human sexuality class by having the woman take off all her clothes climb on a stage and graphically demonstrate the use of a sex toy this demonstration took place last month i think inclusion of psychology professor john michael bailey's class on human sexuality so according to those who attended the demonstration involving a couple and the sex toy they were warned about a half a dozen times that this was going to be graphic and that's when jim marcus and his fiance faith girl climbed on stage in front of about one hundred students and used a motorized device that had a dildo attached to it and the university is standing by her foster am
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a sex show saying that it falls within the guidelines for what is acceptable in this course but not everyone is so pleased with the demonstration many syrians have complained to the local media who descended onto the northwestern campus near chicago to cover this story. by a warning that was given was strong enough i think for all the students when would you ever think that you would see something like this in an academic environment. now i'm going to call a foul on these students that are actually complaining about this especially the young guys who got to see a free sex show one of the students had to do that they hurried home to download some porn and of course some of those on the right are outraged conservative bloggers were busy today posting this story glenn beck site the blaze had the headline campus shock college sexuality professor presents live sex show for students and this story had hundreds of comments most of them are very stunned by this event. michelle malkin's website the headline read northwestern university's
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idea of stimulation and the people were also very very outraged but what part of the human sexuality course are some students and conservatives missing here what did you expect the course to teach abstinence i think it sounds like a very creative way to keep her class engaged and that's why all those completely shocked by the live sex show our nights to old timers. now are you tired of dealing with nut jobs in your state when arizona some residents and lawmakers have decided that it's time for them to see that's right some people in pima county arizona which is in the southern part of the state that includes the city of tucson want to become baja arizona the fifty first state of the union the area has about a million people and it's more politically moderate than the maricopa county to the north which includes the capital of phoenix so a lot of people in the state are tired of the policy decisions being made on the
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state level they're frustrated with the solu of recent legislation passed by the republican led state legislature arizona has cut organ transplant coverage for medicaid recipients the state senate voted to allow arizona to nullify or just ignore any federal law that a panel of lawmakers deemed unconstitutional but the main sticking fish issue here is immigration the state passed the papers please bill which would require police to check the immigration immigration status of people if they have reasonable suspicion and that law has been stayed all the federal government and the state battle it out in court over the ecology issues and it's a pretty safe bet that some residents of arizona are just plain old and varus by their elected officials and for good reason they have a wingnut for a governor and a groping old man as a senator. you know. we
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have done everything that we could possibly do. we have. well it was right for arizona i would be very sorry that if some of that happened. i regret it but i also regret. that really it's not just the murder of robert krantz it's the people who whose homes and property are being violated it's the it's the drive by of the. drivers of cars with the illegal sen they are intentionally causing accidents on the freeway but our borders are not secure. we're still not sure exactly what john mccain was talking about that last clip we showed you but those are just a few of the highlights of what it's like to live in arizona and have crazy politicians represent your interests no wonder some people want to become
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a separate state so good luck on the effort not sure it's going to work but i say it's well worth a try. yesterday the u.s. army announced that they were filing at twenty two additional charges against bradley manning was accused of leaking thousands of documents to wiki leaks the most serious of these twenty two charges being aiding the enemy which is a capital offense now this charge which can be used only for a member of the military is pretty broad but the definition of the crime as described under article one hundred four be describes the offense as the accused gives intelligence to or communicates or responds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy either directly or indirectly so i guess that leads us to ask the question who exactly is the enemy bradley manning is accused of aiding is wiki leaks now an official enemy of the united states joining me to answer this question is jane hamsher founder of firedoglake jane thanks so much for joining us again this week so let's get this straight who's the enemy here how are they officially
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declaring wiki leaks an enemy but you know the interesting thing is that twenty four hours after this news came out no journalist too has question jeff morell the department of defense talks person or anybody. has asked that question who are they talking about when they say the enemy they all kind of been is it all everybody knows who the enemy is it's al-qaeda but what does that mean if bradley manning you know sort of if he gave files to somebody with the knowledge that you know they could go on the internet and that qualifies as giving it to al qaeda then how does that differ from anything that the new york times does on a daily basis i mean we should all be really concerned with that that's truly next not funny and if i on the other hand he means we could i mean wiki leaks then they should say that too because that's pretty earth shaking wiki leaks is now you know and the enemy. i with you there suddenly either weekly leaks is the enemy and you know as we mentioned of course this charge only goes towards members of the
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military but the new york times the guardian every newspaper out there prints this information that could get in the hands of al qaida or the taliban so essentially they would be you know just is guilty too but i'm happy that you mention jeff morale because he has been doing a bit of a a media tour with this and he's been on t.v. today and it seems to me that he was denying everything he denied the fact that bradley manning is being held in solitary confinement he said that he's not being treated differently than anyone else at quantico and geoff morrell even said that he personally visited it with bradley manning but are any of those things true well i'm going to go by bradley manning's attorney david who were blog post today saying that morale is not telling the truth when he says he met with manning. did not happen and that is clearly what they indicated this morning on morning joe when he was not a morning joe when he was speaking to stan i got three on and i said it sounds like he went to. the show that they put on for hand and came away thinking that the
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place is really superbly run evidently nobody told him that they fired the brig commander a couple of weeks ago and bradley manning was actually put on suicide watch as a punitive measure which is strictly against military code according to jim. and you see so i think that he's a master dissembler here and he clearly has that in or far left bloggers who care about his civil liberties you know someone who has not actually been tried and convicted so how how horrible of people writes it to care about someone that is still supposed to be innocent at this point but you know what also so interesting and you've mentioned this and what you've written people like joe biden you know we've had other defense officials as well who have all said that none of the documents released by wiki leaks have actually caused any real harm that they were just embarrassing for the u.s. and yet now they want to charge bradley manning was something that is
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a capital offense. chargesheet itself. looks poorly on the military he leaks things that reflected poorly on the military so basically we're going to throw him in a life with you know throw him in jail for life because he leaked things simply that were embarrassing to the military i mean that's absolutely nixonian you know nixon col daniel ellsberg. ellsberg of aiding and abetting the enemy and that is a fact but the obama. administration is saying about bradley manning they don't like people who leak things that are embarrassing to them and i don't think they've been proven that bradley manning did these things but you know. the you know the way that people are talking about him the way that he is being charged they're checking to try him in the process before you has the chance to have a fair trial in a courtroom and i just don't think that's you know that's un-american as far as i'm concerned and why would they eight months later add twenty two additional charges
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and then to use that some kind of a sign that perhaps they're getting desperate here because before you know it was coming out that they couldn't find any type of a connection between bradley manning and joining us on ch and that's being reported again today that they justice department is been unable to find any connection between sanya bradley manning so they're absolutely upping the ante and trying to you know accuse manning you know spending the rest of his life in prison for these things and they seem to want to squeeze a confession out of him against chilean assigns because otherwise they have no signs it's a real banana republic you know tin pot dictatorship stuff here and it really is the need the united states to be engaging in tactics like this i mentioned that richard nixon once called ellsworth was also aiding the enemy so let's think about how bradley manning might be seen a few decades from now because now to health care has looked upon as a hero do you think that things could change for bradley as well well that you know
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i was on a conference call with ellsberg today. and he said you know back i find it sort of late in life rehabilitation of my image to be really interesting and it's all being done to disparage bradley manning because people are trying to say oh well but daniel ellsberg did in his time was quite proudly manning that's not the same thing and daniel ellsberg said no it's almost exactly the same thing and you know the reason anybody saying anything nice about me is because we've got a democratic president who's doing this and they're trying to find a distinction between something that you know the left has traditionally found to be respectable her own like even and what bradley manning is doing it so it can justify the way he's being treated and there is no justification i was british right i'd say i want to thank you very much for joining us and of course we'll continue through watch the things. thanks so much. now show and tell coming up just ahead and we'll get a unique take on the westboro baptist decision the supreme court made yesterday from comedian breaks down then is a possible lockout of n.f.l. players by n.f.l.
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owners near can football crazy fans survive without games this fall and what will the fallout be for cities left with large book all stadiums and no records back in the. h.l. marvin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture a. new web site with twenty four seven live streaming news towns what to do about the ongoing financial hurricane unlimited high quality videos for download. and stories you may never find the names removed. from the. meet
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the political. posts on aren't. just. for flimsy low and. i was told the rachel about these women nothing people are suggesting she's. you know she says she's a star. athlete .
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ok it's time for show and tell on tonight's program now the last time we discussed the latest interview coming from bernie made off in those interviews he made several claims he spread the blame on to everybody he also accused the entire u.s. government of being a ponzi scheme so we wanted to know what our viewers thought do you think of the u.s. government is a ponzi scheme and here's what some of you had to say jonathan of mohanned said on facebook the u.s. government operating as part of a ponzi scheme it's a pyramid investment swindle involving regulations by government for the fed's twenty four seven printing press and big banks bail out for their mistakes so the
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profits are paid to early investors corrupt officials for money actually invested by later participants angel hernandez chime in my saying the intentions are good but the way they go about that is all wrong culberson gave us his thoughts and said the current capitalism paradigm is the issue ponzi schemes are just a symptom of the system itself individualistic values create an environment of dog eat dog take what you can this past as you can with no regard to the damaging social effects caused by these activities and then alexander try to reno disagreed saying no government is a ponzi scheme because the ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where you pay taxes. not investing your funding operations for the common good of the community and finally we heard from dave miller who said all government is a ponzi scheme now thank you for your answers as always and here's our next topic of discussion earlier in the show we discussed how the u.s.
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and other countries are considering implementing a no fly zone over libya as a means to protest get out these actions and while it's clear the president and our military are at odds on how to approach this situation we want to know how do you think how you think do you think a no fly zone should be implemented and you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response just might make it on air. now yesterday we told you about the supreme court ruling in favor of the what the westboro baptist church after a long battle with the family of a fallen soldier. now even though the westboro baptist are saying offensive comments the supreme court backed the church saying of their protected on the under the first amendment of free speech now i already gave you my opinion yesterday fully support the freedom of speech but damn it sometimes you really wish people like the phelps family didn't get to take advantage of it and you hate but comedian brookstone is urging me to change my mind so let's hear your reasoning rick. thanks
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a lot to the westboro baptist church when the supreme court decision allowing them to continue protesting funerals with their god it's agenda well that's right that's many people it's a courtroom ever the speech must be protected to have a free society i recently interviewed nathan who is the son of westerly or fred phelps nate escape the family the little mini he turned eighteen i asked him if he felt this fall this homophobia might be explained by shame over a gay spirits from his youth now i have no proof that fred phelps ever had a sweaty rendezvous with a handsome young coed who probably could have saved us all a lot of trouble he just called for it back or to think that for it's been chasing that feeling for fifty years by having secret encounters with strange men in trucks up bathrooms but i can ask the question thanks to freedom of speech. i'm not saying i know that fred phelps ever pulled a larry craig literally or figuratively or that he's a male hustler but i can say this fred phelps is a male hustler and i can say that thanks to parity law since i'm clearly joking
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something else i've noticed in my travels with the westboro church is that threats granddaughters seem to treat me a little bit differently than the rest of the church they left in my jokes soften their tone and simply describe it as flirting now is that because i'm the only male outside their family to show them attention i don't know but i do know this several female members of the westboro baptist church and probably a few men may very well have graphic sexual fantasies about me can i prove it of course not but i can sure say thanks to freedom of speech and it was a surely help show me where to look like in twenty years i might even be flatter so remember the same supreme court that allows the westboro baptist church to protest funerals or switchback in stores allows me to say that fred phelps lost his virginity to his mother in an outhouse. ok ok brick i guess you have a point as long as i can say that the westboro baptist church sucks and they're all ugly and i bet that is a punishment from god and i guess they can have their freedoms too. now some
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people were calling it's d.-day for the n.f.l. as the current collective bargaining agreement was set to expire tonight at midnight they've now made a twenty four hour extension and if no new agreement is made in those twenty four hours that means a lockout i means no football for fans no games per stadiums and a lot less revenue for many american cities so what we expect to happen and why the hell are millionaires fighting against billionaires going to cost hardworking americans their money and their favorite pastime joining me to discuss it is brian frederick executive director of sports fans coalition brian thanks so much for coming back on the program my pleasure so twenty four hour extension has now been passed and if they haven't gotten it done by this point i don't know how much more is going to be done in one day so is it just a matter of you know when and if there's going to be a lockout yeah they're actually debating an extension of an extension so right now it's it's hard to tell but i really think that we're headed for
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a lockout of some kind i think that within twenty four hours will know the union will be certified which means that the union will dishpan the players will to spend and then. all sorts of lawsuits and it's really going to be an ugly situation also what happens when this goes to court i mean could that also be more favorable for some people because they can get some nice you know lavish settlements out of this that is a really happy well what they're all going to be basically antitrust lawsuit so that the players and the three that are named drew brees and peyton manning and tom brady they will be filing suit against kind of important exact a again clearly pick the best names for for this lawsuit but they will say that the the n.f.l. owners are acting in collusion because there is no players' union so they're going to file these antitrust lawsuits and then as a result that's going to happen and you'll see extended court battles and in
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alternately the fans are going to lose but we hope it will be a season. so if there's any if they're going to court then you have to assume that this is going to be drawn out it's going to probably take months so there will be no football you know last time we were talking about how much money might actually be lost in each city and there was a little bit of a debate over the numbers is there now you know a solid unified answer as to how much money is going to be lost you know there's actually really not nobody and that's what's that's what's problematic you know one is that nobody's actually looking at the impact that such a work stoppage would have on our cities because our cities have really been transformed into these sort of sporting zones where what passes for public policy now in public planning is putting stadiums in various cities and bats your public playing well if there's no games going on then suddenly these cities a lot of them industrial you know post industrial cities there's going to be. some real problems for those cities now how would you compare what's going on here this is a collective bargaining agreement that's expiring to what we see happening across the
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country in wisconsin and ohio and indiana and other states as a kind of frustrating to watch these billionaires versus billionaires like they said to battle it out when a lot of americans out there are just trying to you know keep their jobs and pay their bills and put food on the table yeah absolutely and that's why the president weighed in today and said you know people have a real goal basayev because we have a perfect clip of the president saying about let's roll it. owners most of whom are worth. close to a billion dollars you got players who are making millions of dollars. my working assumption the time when people are having to cut back compromise and. worry about making the mortgage and. you know paying for their kids' college education is that the two parties should be able to work it out without the president of the united states and. i couldn't agree with them more let's say you know these are two sides it's the n.f.l. has never been more popular never been more profitable it's
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a nine billion dollar industry and yet they've had two years to come up with an agreement and they still can't do it so that's why we think it's up to fail to go to save next season dot com really get involved we're going to put up the pressure and ratchet up the pressure in the next few months on these guys because clearly they can't get it done themselves and you know i also had this was a press conference that obama was giving with the mexican president felipe calderon who was visiting we're talking about a drug war you have unrest of middle east we're fighting two wars already and yet he's being forced to talk about this and felt a lockout but you know it is and i thought is this the most popular sport i mean people call baseball america's pastime but is this the biggest money maker oh absolutely not without a doubt this is the most popular and the most profitable and that's why this is so frustrating for so many people is that they're not arguing over a failing business here they have such a profitable business and so we really hope to see a resolution quickly because we've put in a sax player six and a half billion dollars around the country so clearly our investment will be lost if
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there's not a season now really quickly i know there are some shady business they came out about the owners and that they were actually planning for this lockout to happen and that's what gave the players some leverage can you quickly explain to me we'll go back to that here yes so basically the t.v. contracts were written so that in case there was a lockout the owners would still get the money from the t.v. but the problem is the judge ruled just recently that you know they had done that with the expect expectation of a lockout and so as a result the judge said you're not going to have access to that money and so the owners are actually in the process of appealing that but it's clearly a big bargaining chip one way or the other whether the owners have four billion dollars so to to to rest on while this house. well this lockout happens or whether you know they're both there both sides are going to have to pony up their own money for this all right well i think at this point in time i'm going to go with the players i'm on their side but hopefully there will be no lockout period but you
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sure as we're training as i think you should be ok if you're right you're right when the bad through you are joining us now before we go tonight it's time for our tweet of the day if you hear that some students at george washington university want charlie sheen to be their commencement speaker at graduation i mean really tuition is not cheap. it's about fifty three thousand dollars a year so i'm sure their parents are just going to love that idea so we think maybe the parents would seize it was your second choice the market off each they both know that they make about the same amount of sense that's it for tonight's show thanks for coming in and may treat them back tomorrow congressman dennis kucinich will be on the program to give us his thoughts on everything from doing in protest spreading across the u.s. to the drug war going on right across our border now american guns and our drug policies are partly to blame now in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of below michelle on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other night you can always catch it all of the dot com slash we want to share what we close the interviews as well as the shell it is
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